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Comforting in all Respects

A warm comforting environment coupled with very personalized services is what you will receive at the Mill Basin Aesthetic Group.  But that’s not nearly all!

Facial Aesthetic Room at the Mill Basin Aesthetic Group
Mill Basin Aesthetic Group Office
Mill Basin Aesthetic Group Waiting Room

Dr. Kalovsky is a Maxillofacial Surgeon, making him able to literally dot every “line” and cross every T.   In order to be a surgeon of any kind, there is no room for mistakes; which, sets Dr. Kalovsky apart from the rest, as he is able to clearly identify what needs to be done, along with the why, where, and how.   Having observed other’s doing the very same procedures, it doesn’t come close Dr. Karlovsky’s perfectionist touch!  Also the good doctor is in no rush, he makes sure that you are getting exactly what you want, where you want it, never rushing the procedure so that you, the patient, is happy and looking beautifully refreshed!

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The gift of beauty is not to be taken lightl​y even though it is an ever growing trend these days.   There are many reasons as to why one would give the gift of beauty to someone else, which we will discuss below, but there are also many reasons as to why one would self-indulge as well.   Let’s talk about the that first.

Why should you give yourself the gift of beauty?

  • Perhaps one is lacking self-confidence and wants to gain that part of themselves back
  • You simply had no self-confidence, or very little to begin with, this may help you become better both physically, mentally and emotionally
  • A person simply wants to look younger and better
  • Insecurity goes right up there with self confidence, but insecurity of how one looks, and how they feel is a pretty big reason to want to look great
  • Start A​new – Perhaps a new year is approaching and you want to start fresh all around by looking and feeling better about yourself
  • You want your spouse to pay more attention to you and want to remain beautiful in his or her eyes
  • You’re looking for that special Mr. or Mrs. right and want to look as good as you can
  • You’re in the sales industry and you see and speak to people all the time, naturally you need to look good
  • You know you aren’t ageless, but you’re not going down without a fight to look and feel the very best that you can be 🙂
  • You’re a public speaker/coach, etc. You need to look fabulous!
  • You’re starting a new career and want to look amazing
  • Wedding!  You’re getting married or re-married either way you want to look perfect.  (The bridesmaids count to)
  • High School REUNION!  Ouch!


Why should you give the gift of beauty to someone else?

  • Someone you know is getting married!  Thus, you have an important wedding coming up and you want to look super fab!
  • Birthdays
  • Christmas
  • Girls day out
  • Makeover party!
  • Surprise to someone that you know is feeling down about themselves
  • Surprise to someone that wanted to do this for themselves but couldn’t or didn’t yet
  • Mom gifts like Mother’s Day – Wouldn’t it be fun to see mom so happy looking years younger!
  • A great friend just had a baby and is feeling rotten about themselves this is a great way to feel a whole lot better!

These are some of the reasons that a person may want to give the gift of beauty either to themselves or to someone else.  

Can you think of any other reasons?  We’d love to hear from you!  



GIVE THE GIFT OF BEAUTY to a loved one, a friend, and/or as a special surprise to someone!

All you have to do is call us and we will have your gift certificate mailed right out to the person of your choosing!  Naturally you can always drop by and pick it up as well.

Better yet…You and the recipient of this wonderful gift can come in together and we’ll have your gift certificates waiting for you!


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